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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Somebody That I Used to Know #2

I'm still caught up on the song I posted about last.

I really like it.

But now it's making me not only sad, but also mad at the same time.

It's frustrating to me because it's about a guy who doesn't care much about some girl, but he's mad at her for moving on. 

The more I listen to it, the more complicated it gets. 
Then again, those are my favorite kind of songs.

Hardly anything is black and white.

A good song takes a risk and dives into the grey area of life
...or shows the feelings we can't quite describe ourselves.


Helena said...

It's so true, the musics that make us cry, smile...always are the best!!!


xs said...

. . . and makes us want to listen to it over and over!

Anonymous said...

My heart skipped a beating when I saw your last post. First time I heard that song was a few months ago. My best friend of 18 years!! (we've known each other almost all of our lives) played it to me. Things habe been rough between us for some time now, but the night I first heard the song has been the last time we did something together as friends... That night, things spinned totally out of control.
I still can't listen to it... I'm coping fine, I don't miss her - but I can't make myself listen to the damn song! It just feels too weird.

Strange to see it posted here now...

Melissa Tchieu said...

i cried to this song too when I was down. the words were so true yet complicating........the music says it all ...

Eden Uyehara said...

i also cried when through this song when she sang it at an award show. shes so good!!!

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