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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Adele's "Someone Like You" at the 2011 British Music Awards

This is by far my favorite song and favorite performance. Her face, her music, her words are like a diary. It's genuine, and that's what makes it amazing. 

What Adele has to say about writing this song...
"“Someone Like You” is the last song on the record and it was—uhm, again, I guess I got a little—when I was writing it, I was feeling—pretty miserable and pretty lonely. Which again, kind of I guess contradicts ”Rolling in the Deep” where I was like ‘I’m gonna’ be fine, without you.’ This one was me kind of—on my knees, really. That—that relationship; the entire record is about—that it’s really, summed up in “Someone Like You”, that has changed me, in a really good way. It kind of, really made me, who I am—the moment and I’m sure there’ll be a number of relationships—well I hope so, anyway—that helps change me and defines me, as well.  
I can imagine, being about forty and looking for him, again and turning up being settled; he has a beautiful wife and some beautiful kids and he’s completely happy—and I’m, still on my own. That’s kind of—it’s kind of about that." - Adele


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alice san said...

Awww! this awesome! i always a big2 fans tooooo Adele and i really hope she found a better one! :)

Cami said...

My little cousin sings and she kills this song :) Great choice!!

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