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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Krochet Kids Hats

"Every hat carries with it the signature of the woman who crocheted it"

"You have a powerful opportunity to encourage, instill confidence, and further empower women around the globe that are rewriting their futures."

If you want a purchase you can feel good about
then I would recommend shopping at this non-profit organization.

It's a simple thing, really.
Just a hat.

Basically these women in impoverished countries are trained to make these hats (sustainability) and sell them in order to support themselves. They are paid fairly and able to become financially independent.

This is the hat I just bought. 
It was around $25 dollars + shipping
So, a little more than I thought I'd pay for a hat, but I'd rather spend a few extra to have something I feel really good about, even if it's just a little thing.

I'm excited to get it in the mail and see who made it. :)

Go and get one, too, if you can :)
Use the code "KINGSMEN" to get a 10% discount!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Somebody That I Used to Know #2

I'm still caught up on the song I posted about last.

I really like it.

But now it's making me not only sad, but also mad at the same time.

It's frustrating to me because it's about a guy who doesn't care much about some girl, but he's mad at her for moving on. 

The more I listen to it, the more complicated it gets. 
Then again, those are my favorite kind of songs.

Hardly anything is black and white.

A good song takes a risk and dives into the grey area of life
...or shows the feelings we can't quite describe ourselves.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Somebody That I Used To Know - Goyte

"You can get addicted to a certain kind of sadness.."

Isn't it weird how quickly people come into and out of your life?

Or isn't it kind of scary?

It just gets me thinking about the people I'm close to now. 

A few years from now, will we even know each other?

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Getting rid of clothes, shoes, and junk

I'm getting a little bit better at getting rid of stuff I don't really need. Or use.

My first step has been to stop buying junk. And that's tough. I'm not a "shopaholic" - I just pick up a few knick knacks here and there because they're cute, or cheap. But what ends up happening is I can't take care of my things because I don't really care much about 80% of them. Therefore, my space gets pretty messy.

Also, I realized I can sell my junk and buy something I actually want. For example, if I sell 10-15 shirts that "I might wear" then I can buy a shirt that I really, really like. I've been taking things to second hand shops and I'll probably have a garage sale this summer.

And honestly, I wouldn't even miss most of the stuff that I have. The more stuff I get rid of, the more I appreciate what I actually like. There's less clothes waded up on the floor, because the clothes I have now are the ones I would hate to see damaged or wrinkled.

I've also gotten over the fact that people are going to see me wearing the same thing more than once every two weeks. If you can get over this, then you start going for quality, not quantity. Personally, I think it helps clear your head a bit to have less stuff. It's just less chaotic.

Plus, hey now, it's sort of fun to have a cute little attachment to your only pair of sandals or that belt that goes with everything. I like to find that one thing that will hold up for me, instead of twenty that I have to interchange so they won't fall apart. I'd like to buy one shirt from Calvin Klein that I'll wear a lot, instead of five from Forever 21 that I can only wear/wash once, maybe twice.

That's just how I've changed a bit recently. I'm trying to appreciate the things I already have instead of buying more. I was just about to buy another bracelet at Macys yesterday, just for kicks, but then I looked down at my wrist and thought, "well heck, I already kinda like this one."

I'm still working on it, but I think that's progress.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Miss Me Jeans

I've never had a pair of jeans that I've felt so relaxed in. 

Like initially, some of the fancy detailing on the pockets sort of turned me off to the brand, but my sister suggested I buy a pair anyways.

Best thing ever. Everyone needs a pair of jeans that they couldn't live without.

If you feel good in your jeans, then you're going to have a pretty good day. Right?

Like I've fallen alseep in these things before and it's completely fine. I can't explain the way they feel.... it's sort of like the fabric is sturdy and durable, but also flexible. Eh?

Now, I tend to just buy the Miss Me jeans that aren't completely "be-dazzled" but I've embraced a little bit of their flowers, sequence, and other designs.

What I'm trying to say is that I love these jeans even though they are sort of outside my usual preference for simple or more down-to-earth designs.

Oh, and they hold up well and are definitely worth the price.

Save cash for a good pair of jeans. Just stay away from Starbucks and other various little expenditures for awhile if need be.You'll thank yourself.

Miss Me Jeans Website

Hmmm can anyone else write a short novel about their favorite pair of jeans, or is that just me?

Oh gosh, haha, I hope there's others...

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Bergamot performs 'The Traveler'

Seriously, her voice is awesome.

Organic Wear 100% Natural Origin Eye Makeup Remover Liquid

It's cheap, it feels good, and it works like a dream.

Just get some cotton balls.

I'm pretty sure you can buy it at almost any drugstore, too. I've been using it for about a year now and it's perfection in a bottle. If you want your makeup off in like 2 seconds and then want to have a great feeling afterwards, I'd go grab it now.

Here's more info: Natural Origin Eye Makeup Remover Liquid

*on a slightly humorous side note, I almost left out the word "makeup" in this blog post title.... oh, god forbid.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Bergamot

This duo is from my hometown :) Thought I'd share!
Website: The Bergamot

Adele's "Someone Like You" at the 2011 British Music Awards

This is by far my favorite song and favorite performance. Her face, her music, her words are like a diary. It's genuine, and that's what makes it amazing. 

What Adele has to say about writing this song...
"“Someone Like You” is the last song on the record and it was—uhm, again, I guess I got a little—when I was writing it, I was feeling—pretty miserable and pretty lonely. Which again, kind of I guess contradicts ”Rolling in the Deep” where I was like ‘I’m gonna’ be fine, without you.’ This one was me kind of—on my knees, really. That—that relationship; the entire record is about—that it’s really, summed up in “Someone Like You”, that has changed me, in a really good way. It kind of, really made me, who I am—the moment and I’m sure there’ll be a number of relationships—well I hope so, anyway—that helps change me and defines me, as well.  
I can imagine, being about forty and looking for him, again and turning up being settled; he has a beautiful wife and some beautiful kids and he’s completely happy—and I’m, still on my own. That’s kind of—it’s kind of about that." - Adele