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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Round Two

     It seems as though I just briefly relived my last shitty relationship. At least this time, I smartened up and got out in about four months as opposed to two years.

     That being said, I don't think people develop trust issues when the first person screws them over, I think it's always when the second person does. Because the first time, you can just attribute it to that one person. You think, "Oh, it's that guy. He was just an awful guy." Then you naively go out into the world with all this confidence thinking almost every other guy will want to bundle you up and show you everything you deserve. And that's when you learn the hard way that no one is going to protect you. It's not only going to be that one guy that lets you down, it's going to be a lot of them. So toughen up, princess.

    Yeah, I know I sound cynical and bitter. I so am. I'm young and that whole lecture, I know. Give me some time and I'm sure it'll wear off.


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