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Friday, June 15, 2012

The Augusteum

"I look at the Augusteum, and I think that perhaps my life has not actually been so chaotic, after all. It is merely this world that is chaotic, bringing changes to us all that nobody could have anticipated. The Augusteum warns me to not to get attached to any obsolete ideas about who I am, what I represent, whom I belong to, or what function I may once have intended to serve. Yesterday I might have been a glorious monument to somebody, true enough--but tomorrow I could be a fireworks depository. Even in the Eternal City, says the silent Augusteum, one must always be prepared for riotous and endless waves of transformation." -Elizabeth Gilbert

  Everything changed. Everything is changing. Everything will change.

Isn't it wild?


Anonymous said...

Great quote! And so true!
That reminds me of how decisions we think are so "big" to us now might turn into little ones with time passing by... So why are we afraid? The meaningless and smallness of our own existence should give us comfort and take away the fear of making mistakes. We should be brave, do what we want to do as long as we can, because after a while, things change...
Thank you! :)

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